"My Message to the Governor Is 'Stick It Up Your Ass!'"


This is my second post in a row about Western Republican politicians. There's a reason for that: They are better than other politicians.

The House Republican majority leader, Michael Lange, unleashed a profanity-laced tirade at Gov. Brian Schweitzer Wednesday, saying the Democratic governor "can go straight to hell."

… Lange's blow-up came about 90 minutes after he had met with Schweitzer to talk about an offer that Democrats considered a tax and budget compromise to end the session.

He told House Republicans he considered the offer a "bribe" and that he was standing up for his caucus and what it believes in.

"So my message to the governor is to stick it up your ass," Lange shouted angrily. "That's my message to him. Stick it up your ass."

The story has a video, thank the Lords of Kobol, and it makes Lange look like a cross between Teddy Roosevelt and foul-mouthed punk poet John Cooper Clarke. Crossed fingers that those other Westerners Harry Reid (Nevada) and Dick Cheney (Wyoming) drop their Surreal Life slapfight and start tossing some f-, a-, and h-bombs.