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The Live Earth concerts have achieved what Bob Geldof's lame-o Live 8 never could: launching the Spinal Tap comeback.

The mock heavy metal group immortalized in the 1984 mockumentary, "This is Spinal Tap," will reunite for a performance at Wembley Stadium in London as part of the Live Earth concerts scheduled worldwide for July 7.

The original members of Spinal Tap will be there: guitarist Nigel Tufnel (played by Christopher Guest), singer David St. Hubbins (Michael McKean) and bassist Derek Smalls (Harry Shearer). Rob Reiner, who both directed "This is Spinal Tap" and played the fake documentarian Marty DeBergi in the film, will also be in attendance.

A new 15-minute film directed by Reiner on the band's reunion will also play at the opening night of the Tribeca Film Festival in New York on Wednesday.

And at the end of the band's set, Al Gore will spontaneously combust. You know, several, you know, dozens of people spontaneously combust each year. It's just not really widely reported.

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  1. It happens sometimes. People just explode. Natural causes.

  2. Mud flaps, baby. Al Gore’s got ’em

  3. Well, one of the drummers died in a freak gardening accident too.

  4. The warning sticker on my washing machine says my clothes may also spontaneously combust. Maybe the key for humans is to avoid spinning really, really fast.

  5. It’s like, how much more green could they be? and the answer is none. None more green.

  6. And you can’t dust for vomit.

  7. On an awesomeness scale, this rates 11! Because, I mean, when you have something awesome but it just needs that extra little bit of awesomeness, you bring it up to 11!

  8. I wish these writers would quit calling them a “mock heavy metal group”. They are just as real as The Monkeys, The Archies, Winger and Kiss.

  9. Or the Silver Platters.

  10. actually spinal tap has been getting together for random new songs and occasional shows off-and-on about every 5 years since the movie came out. most recently in 2000 with the “back from the dead” tour and single.

  11. But will there be a 18″ Al Gore lowered onto the stage so that dwarves can dance around him?

  12. JW – I think you’re making a big deal out of it.

  13. How much do yu have to spend on carbon credits to offset turning it up to 11?

    (Who lives within walking distance of Shank Hall.)

  14. But will there be a 18″ Al Gore lowered onto the stage so that dwarves can dance around him?

    The preferred nomenclature is “little people”…

  15. Sadly, Al Gore was trapped in his bubble cage (made of recycled plastic, of course) and was unable to join the set.

  16. Guy Montag | April 25, 2007, 10:35am | #
    I wish these writers would quit calling them a “mock heavy metal group”. They are just as real as The Monkeys, The Archies, Winger and Kiss.

    Well, how many of those you named were specifically formed with the purpose of mocking their own genre, as opposed to merely participating in it (by whatever means, at whatever level)? Maybe KISS, but they were nevertheless always accepted as “real” by the industry and the fans.

    You might as well ask the difference between WKRP and a real radio station. WKRP is a fabrication, intended to let television poke fun at the radio industry. Real radio stations and radio personalities, on the other hand, are these days (and, in some cases, for decades) practically self-parodies, whatever their genre.

    I think the difference between “real” and “mock” is that “real” enterprises invite judgment and business profit for doing (or, as in the case of the early Monkees, pretending to do) something, whereas “mock” enterprises indeed consciously, deliberately mock the things they resemble. With rock and roll, there has always been a lot of overlap between the two, and at some point, you have the Monkees deciding that not playing their own instruments is a form of “mocking” that they will abandon — as KISS at one time abandoned their makeup. On the other extreme, you have Spinal Tap, whose members can now put on their characters as KISS put on its makeup, to provide paying audiences with a musical entertainment experience: the reality of what they can do has overshadowed the original “mocking” intentions.

    Perhpas the difference between “mock” and “real” is the difference between clowning around in rodeo garb, and being a rodeo clown.

  17. By the way, I’d pay money to see Al Gore spontaneously combust.

  18. Well, I tend to understate the hugeness of it.

  19. How many other forums have this much fun? I’ll bet that a lot of forums out there envy us.

    FWIW, I envy us.

  20. JW – making a big deal out of it was the idea. 🙂

    You’re right Dr. T. You’re right.

    *rides off on rodeo clown

  21. What day did the lord create Spinal Tap, and couldn’t he have rested on that day too?

  22. “I wish these writers would quit calling them a “mock heavy metal group”. They are just as real as The Monkeys, The Archies, Winger and Kiss.”

    none of those bands are real, though.

    in kiss’ defense, they did write “going blind,” which was masterfully covered by the melvins. so in that sense they weren’t a total waste of space.

  23. VM–True, that would have been a good idea. Al is in danger of being crushed.

    But are we going to do Stonehenge tomorrow?

  24. No we’re not going to do fucking Stonehenge.

    BTW – Spinal Tap first. Puppet Show last. At least the dressing room is big!

    Shark Sandwich. Shit Sandwich.

  25. The Monkees may have been more real than The Archies, but the least real of them all were The Detergents.


  26. w00t Melvins!

    Also, there was a cover on “Kiss My Ass” of Calling Dr. Love which featured members of TOOL, Faith No More, and Rage Against the Machine that was pretty good.

  27. We’d like to dedicate our next song to Dr. Gore. Ladies and gentleman, Break Like The Wind…

  28. Just how much more black can this be?

  29. In ancient times, hundreds of years before the
    dawn of history, there lived a strange race of people…the libertarians

  30. I’m sure I’d be much happier about this if I wasn’t under such heavy sedation.

  31. H&R drive me out of my mind
    How could I leave this behind?

  32. So any news on planned reunions for The Folksmen?

  33. Lunch – they tried, but they missed the 5:19 and cried, cried, cried all the way home…

  34. I hope they open with Jazz Odyssey.

  35. H&R fit me like a flesh tuxeeeedo
    I want to sink it with my…

  36. I’ve always wanted to do a cover of the ballad, “Lick My Love Pump”.

  37. They are just as real as The Monkeys, The Archies, Winger and Kiss.

    Maybe, but they aren’t as unreal as Iron Butterfly.

  38. What’s wrong with being sexy?

  39. It is comforting that mock rock groups can also embark fruitfully on the “We’re broke and we’re back together reunion tour.”

  40. Brotherben –

    kinda like DANGER KITTY


  41. My new amps go up to infinity.

  42. Messrs. Tufnel, St. Hubbins, and Smalls do a funny audio commentary on the DVD: “DiBergi had an agenda. He wanted us to look like prima donnas. Tee bloody hee.”

  43. How much do yu have to spend on carbon credits to offset turning it up to 11?

    How much you got? I have plenty to spare 🙂

    James Anderson Merritt,

    That was the greatest mock response ever!

  44. Can they please enlist Al Gore as the drummer?

  45. I prefer Deathtongue, or their later incarnation (post-Senate-testimony re: Tipper Gore’s parents’ music censorship group) Billy and the Boingers

  46. Let me graze into your veldt
    Let me stomple your albino
    Let me nibble on your buds,
    I’m your…LOVE RHINO

  47. OFF WITH HIS HEAD!!!!!

  48. You can’t do that, Tippy.

  49. For all the haters who don’t like Spinal Tap, I have only one thing to say:

    Smell the glove!

  50. I always preferred the New Originals.

  51. Or The Thamesmen. They were moderately mediocre.

  52. Tuesday May 1st, 2007


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