Nanny State

Frank to Introduce Repeal of Internet Gambling Bill


It if it passes, it would be a small victory, but a notable one. When was the last time Congress gave a little freedom back?

"I think a lot of members of Congress voted for that (ban) without having given it a lot of attention," Frank said Wednesday. "And I think that there is growing opposition to it," he said. "I think that this may be a case where, after the fact of having voted for it, people don't like it and they reconsider."

Frank, the new chairman of the House Financial Services Committee, said he plans to introduce a bill "probably next week, maybe the week after" against the Internet gambling ban.

To be effective, the bill would probably not only need to repeal the UIGA, but also be explicit about what it's allowing. It would need to make clear, for example, that Internet gambling does not fall under the auspices of the old 1961 Federal Wire Act. Ready for the punch line?

"In a number of areas, I am a libertarian," Frank said. "I think that John Stuart Mill's 'On Liberty' is a great statement, and I was just rereading it.

"I believe that people should be allowed to read and gamble and ride motorcycles and do a lot of things that other people might not want to let them do."

Sad thing is, Frank's basically a big government socialist on most economic issues. And yet he's still one of the more libertarian members of Congress.