Rotten Beef


The Smoking Gun has a copy of Cho Seung Hui's play "Richard McBeef." Surprise! It sucks. An oddly verbose 13-year old hurls insults at his unlikeable stepfather, his shrill mother howling in the background. Eventually the 13-year old tries to choke the stepfather and the adult responds with a "deadly blow."

Here's the violent act at the climax of the 10-page epic:

Other choice quotes from the play: "Are you a bisexual psycho racist murderer! Please stop following me." And "I wonder why its so sunny out! Today is one fruity day!" It's incredibly stupid and the violence is cartoonish. Something to consider if the discussion evolves into "why didn't authorities see the threats in his own writing and lock him up?"

Also: His favorite song was "Shine" by Collective Soul. Puzzle over that one.