Office Spaced


USA Today reports on medical marijuana uses whose employers grudgingly accept their habit.

Irvin Rosenfeld's employer, Newbridge Securities, is resolute in its support of his on-the-job use of medical marijuana. Company officials say they aren't concerned about legal liability issues because they say Rosenfeld's use of the drug doesn't have an impact on his ability to work. He also discloses to every client that he uses the drug.

"He's a quality stockbroker, and he does a great job," says Phillip Semenick, executive vice president and branch manager. "But there is a stigma to it. Some people are going to look at it and say, 'Here's a guy smoking pot at work? How can he do that?' "

Rosenfeld's marijuana use also has led to moments that Semenick and Rosenfeld have found comical. Marijuana "has a distinct smell," Semenick says. "The mailman or someone coming into the building will stop and notice." He adds that the company is not concerned about how the smell of marijuana in its office might affect its image.

The takeaway should obviously be: "Hey, this guy is able to perform as a stockbroker because he uses marijuana to deal with pain." Read on and the larger story is how intolerant most other businesses are.

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