Jobs Americans Won't Do


Jill Stewart is in the LA Weekly with an absolutely insane story about a former sex slave who served 20 years in prison for covering up the murder (which neighbors committed) of her enslaver.

Maria Suarez today is a salaried, part-time counselor at About Face, a Koreatown-based counseling program for convicted sex felons under court order to get help, and a sought-after public speaker respected as a woman who has lived through a personal hell and understands the minds of abusers.

But while she has overcome hurdles so extreme and memories so dark that a woman with less fight might have lost her mind, Suarez's most impossible battle may unfold in the next few weeks.

She and her pro bono lawyers at the Los Angeles offices of the Coalition to Abolish Slavery and Trafficking (CAST) are challenging federal laws that require she be sent back to Mexico, a country she barely remembers. On May 7, her special T-visa expires.

The Christian Science Monitor published a long piece on Suarez a few weeks ago, and the story is harrowing. And even if she gets an unconditional pardon from Gov. Schwarzenegger, she's likely to be booted back to Mexico.

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  8. My work visa is expiring in a month. Good thing that my company has an office in Ireland where it can send all its foreign workers without a US visa. As a result, we have only a skeleton management staff in the US, along with the assembly and manufacturing staff. Most of our management, R&D, software engineering and skilled labor positions are in a country that it more welcoming to skilled labor than the US.

  9. We don’t really need the skilled labor jobs here anyhow. The profit is much better by sending those to the shitholes of the world. What we do need is a bunch of beaners to do the work that the brothers and sisters quit doin when the welfare started up. It aint rocket science folks.

  10. brotherben,
    I agree. As American’s we shouldn’t have to do the dirty jobs. It is far better to force the educated to pay for the leeches to sit on their asses and watch Jerry Springer all afternoon. I would hate to see them have to REALLY work.

  11. only a skeleton management staff

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