"I Stand Accused of Doing Some Wrong Things, but I Don't Stand Convicted"


Philadelphia's Democratic primary for mayor is a month away, and Milton Street—the brother of outgoing mayor John Street—isn't going to win it. The indicted politician who allegedly pocketed $2 million in "consulting" frees for "work" on the Philadelphia Airport Service dropped out of the mayoral race to run for city council. But before the switcheroo he led one of the most surreal political rallies since the halycon days of Pigasus.

Make sure you get to 1:12, when things really go through the looking glass. Political nepotism: Always bad.

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  1. The Street family is just one of the numerous institutions tolerated by Philadelphians that have ruined an amazing city. Firebombing during campaigns? Love it.

  2. Milton Street has always been nutty. He was a state lawmaker and once lived in a tent outside on Capitol grounds.

  3. Damn that guy can sing!

  4. Who was in the box?

  5. There are enough people in Philadelphia, my (thankfully) former residence, that will either pull the lever for Milton as a joke or as a protest against the City Council’s current makeup. He very well could make it. Milton’s slogan should be “At least I’ll make it entertaining.”
    Milton’s brother John has presided over Philadelphia’s downslide into infamy as the most dangerous of the largest cities. John Street has been a complete menace to the cradle of liberty but as an 85% Democratic city, there are people there that would opt for matricide if the only alternative was voting Republican. John Street, who loudly proclaimed at an NAACP rally: “The brothers and sisters are in charge of Philadelphia! We ARE in charge!” managed to turn a federal investigation into his corrupt regime into a belief in a Bush-created conspiracy against a black Democratic leader. He got re-elected in a landslide.
    Oh well, the Khyber Pass where Jesus Lizard, Bongwater, and Of Cabbages and Kings once played still gets good bands now and then, and the Grey Lodge is heaven for beer nerds.

  6. Philadelphia had a brief renaissance in the 1990’s under the talented Mayor Ed Rendell (now governor), but really, that was a fluke. No one competent is ever likely to run that city again because of its rotten politics, and the downward slide will continue. Too bad. It has many historical buildings and an (undeveloped) waterfront. With a little will and imagination, it could be spectacular.

  7. “Who was in the box?”

    The future of Philadelphia

  8. Downtown Philly is great. So many great bars and restaurants. University City has had a renaissance and the hipsters have done well with former industrial wastelands Northern Liberties and Fishtown.
    It’s the attitude and politics there that stink. Union goons and corrupt politicos are so entrenched that rather than try to bake a bigger pie, divide and conquer rule the day and people scramble for the crumbs of the dwindling slice. The tax structure is atrocious such that nobody in their right mind would try to start a business there. Having 60% of the freshmen who enter public high school there turn into dropouts doesn’t bode well either.
    The main things people I’ve met here (Austin, TX) who have been to Philly comment on are a) the city is filthy dirty and b) the people are assholes. Hard to argue with either, but hey Go Eagles (or I’ll kick youse guys asses!)

  9. The indicted politician who allegedly pocketed $2 million in “consulting” frees for “work” on the Philadelphia Airport Service

    What is a “consulting free”?

  10. The “accused but not convicted” angle is a proven winner in Philly. His brother John Street was being whupped in the polls by Sam Katz until it was revealed that the FBI had been wiretapping John’s office. Philadelphians were convinvced that the nasty Federal gubmint under Bush’s administration would only wiretap the office of an honest man, and John Street walked away with the election.

  11. I don’t know who’s in the coffin, but maybe Street should be singing, “Thank you very much/Thank you very much….”

  12. The best part about the investigation into John and Milton was the Inquirer headline “FBI Seizes Mayor Street’s BlackBerry’s”

  13. Apparently all Angry Johnny does in meetings is play with his Blackberry. He sure as shit doesn’t run the city. Rendell signed such a deal with the devil when he gave him his backing for mayor. Rendell totally whored himself to Herr Street to get his bills through that clown car of a city council. I hate what my hometown has become – it was on such a roll really coming back to life then Mayor Prickly Jackass took over and it’s become the subject of comparisons to combat in Fallujah.

  14. One more reason why intelligent educated non African American people are fleeing Philadelphia. African American Racism.
    “The brothers and sisters are in charge of Philadelphia! We ARE in charge!” What???? If white people said that those words they would be on national news apologizing forever.

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