Boston To Be Annexed By Moon


In February, reeling from the Aqua Teen Hunger Force kerfuffle, Boston Mayor Thomas Menino said/mumbled this:

I'm not saying we are banning the [Aqua Teen Hunger Force] movie, because I can't ban it, but out of respect to the people of Boston, I am going to ask local movie theater executives in the city not to show it. They are not deserving of our respect, or to make one penny from their movie here.

Well, the movie's opening on Friday in Boston, just like it's opening in the cities that lacked Brave Sir Robin-like leadership during the movie's promotional campaign.

The two men who posted the boards still face felony hoax charges; Cartoon Network's parent company, Turner Broadcasting, and its marketing firm agreed to pay $2 million in restitution to city and state agencies that responded to the terror alert.

With the movie opening looming, the official response from those agencies—including the Massachusetts State Police, Boston Police Department and the attorney general's office—was "no comment."

Menino's probably lucky that he doesn't have to follow regulations on the Moon, where nerds get their pants pulled down and are spanked with Moon rocks.

I called bull on the mayor after the scandal happened.