President Giuliani to Cybernetically Reanimate Terri Schiavo


This is what a pander looks like, everybody.

He told reporters he supported government intervention to keep the severely brain-damaged Terri Schiavo alive after courts ordered her feeding tubes removed: "I thought it was appropriate to make every effort to give her a chance to stay alive."

I just did a quick check for Giuliani's contemporary public statements on the Terri Schiavo affair. There aren't any. Ducking the issue then was smart; bigfooting on it now, years after it's agreed that it hurt the GOP, makes zero sense.

UPDATE: Eh, false alarm on the "no public statements" thing. The ThinkProgress bloggers found a pro-feeding tube quote from Rudy in April 2005: "I think the right decision would have been to keep the feeding tube in, under the circumstances of the case." He said that the day after she died, and you could certainly argue that someone who actually cared about the case would have said something beforehand—it's not like Rudy has trouble getting on TV. But his position hasn't changed.

Thanks to ChicagoTom.