Is Rick Berman the Diet Coke of Evil?


It's 42 hours old—an epoch in web terms—but this 60 Minutes "expose" of pro-business PR maven Rick Berman is good for some giggles. Morley Safer keeps pointing his gun down Berman's nose, pulling the trigger, and watching the bullets plunk harmlessly on the floor.

Mr. BERMAN: The businesses themselves don't find it convenient to take on causes that might seem politically incorrect, and I'm not afraid to do that.

SAFER: What you have become is a major tool for corporate America, correct?

Mr. BERMAN: My mission is not–is not to defend corporate America.

SAFER: You're a hired gun.

Mr. BERMAN: Well, I go out to people and I say, `Look, you believe in what I believe. Will you help fund it?' Now, I don't know if that's a hired gun or not, but the point is, yes, I do get paid for educating people. If that's my biggest crime, I stand accused.