The War, It's Got a Lot of Power, It Makes Me Feel Like, It Makes Me Feel Like… Woooo!


All that Israeli blood that isn't being shed is apparently flowing to the right organs:

Ziv medical director Dr. Oscar Embon said that according to health fund reports, the number of pregnancies among women in the North is 35 percent higher now than at this time in 2006. Doctors, psychologists and sexologists explain that the "mini-baby boom" was motivated by the determination that life must go on despite the war and to "take revenge" on an enemy that wants to destroy Israel.

Creating new life, said the experts, is a source of consolation and hope. After every Israeli war, there is an increased number of pregnancies and deliveries; experts said that even animals that feel the threat of war are more likely to mate as an instinct for survival.

Natalism works! All you need is a populace ravaged by war. I was under the impression that birthrates dipped if citizens thought their future was dark or uncertain, but if prospects stay grim for long enough…