The Power of Crist Compels You


Good on Florida Gov. Charlie Crist:

Citing the "holy week of redemption," Gov. Charlie Crist persuaded a reluctant Cabinet to pass a compromise plan Thursday that makes it easier for most ex-convicts in Florida to regain the right to vote, serve on a jury and get jobs.

The Cabinet, sitting as the state Clemency Board, voted 3-1 with Crist, following a contentious debate in which Attorney General Bill McCollum, who intensely opposed the measure, warned that it will incite more crime.

Maybe we should take McCollum at his word, but that sounds like an awfully stupid reason to block ex-cons (and we're talking any ex-cons, not just child-raping marauders from the Fox News A-roll) from ever snatching back some basic civic rights. Does he have interesting wiretapped conversations we're not privy to?

CROOK ONE: That's it, we're going to knock the Denny's over at 9 a.m. Mr. Brown, you're on lookout. Mr. Pink, you slash the waitress's throat. Mr. Mauve…
CROOK TWO: Boss, I can't. If we do this, and we got caught..
CROOK ONE: We won't get caught!
CROOK TWO: But IF we do—then I'll never be called for jury duty! Like, not ever again!
CROOK THREE: He's right. Plus the presidential primary is like 10 months away. And I've already donated to Brownback.
CROOK ONE: Damn. You're right. We're calling this off.