Charisma-Challenged Candidates Take Note!


 Gallup has released a survey that asked 1,000 adults to say in their own words what they looked for in a presidential candidate:

The survey asked people to describe presidential qualities in their own words. The results reveal that Americans pine for traditional values and ideals, and are deeply concerned about the solvency of the nation. Honesty was ranked way in front, followed by leadership/strength, competence, integrity, sensitivity to public opinion and the drive to "put America first" and "focus on domestic issues," the poll found. 

Intelligence, family values, "vision for the country," trustworthiness and the ability to either win or at least end the war in Iraq followed….and, last, charisma.

Sadly, I'd say that list effectively bars all current and future declared candidates. More here.

Back in 2000, mere weeks before the Gore-Bush donnybrook (remind me again, who ended up in the White House?), Reason assayed "The New Presidential Identity." Read all about it here.