Civil Liberties

Rule #1: If You're Going to Burn a Flag, Bring Your Own


Today's random flag burning story is courtesy of my alma mater: Three Yale students were arrested and charged with arson and criminal mischief for lighting a flag on fire in the yard of someone's home in New Haven. The flag was not theirs, nor was the house.

Reports the Yale Daily News:

Contrary to a rumor floating around Yale's campus, the building involved is not the home of Sen. Joseph Lieberman.

These three, despite unusual resumes–one student was a Pakistan-born U.S. citizen and sometime translator for the U.S. forces in Afghanistan, the others are Greek and British citizens–are not likely to become martyrs to the free speech cause:

The students said lighting the flag on fire "was a stupid thing to do" to the arresting officers.

Free speech violation, or private property protection? If the mood strikes, will any old flag do or should it be strictly BYOF? You be the judge.