30 Years Ago in Reason

April 1977


"I spent four years in 29 jails and prisons on four continents—all this for being in a car where someone else had, without my knowledge, less than half an ounce of marijuana. I wouldn't say my treatment was cruel, but I would say very unusual."
—"Timothy Leary's New Trip: A Reason Interview"

"The winter of 1976–77 has finally made obvious even to politicians the perverse consequences of price controls on natural gas.…This winter has witnessed up to 1.5 million people thrown out of work to conserve scarce natural gas for heating homes and hospitals."

—Robert Poole Jr., "The Natural Gas Chickens Come Home to Roost"

"Marvin (Mickey) Edwards, the new Republican Congressman from Oklahoma, is introducing legislation which would provide for congressional salaries to fall as inflation rises. It doesn't have a snowball's chance of passage, of course, but it's a fun concept."
—Alan W. Bock, "That's the Ticket"