The Day Kermit Cried


Cruise over to and you'll see this.

Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex. His fall to rock-bottom was quick and unrelenting. These songs document Kermit's pain during these years…and years to come.

Visual evidence:

Yeah, it's one joke repeated again and again, but the "piano part" on "Something I Can Never Have" (available at the main site) is pretty incredible. The genius of the MP3s, of course, is that even if the site and video get killed, no one can sue to stop someone from recording cover songs with Muppet voices.

(Via Marty Beckerman)

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  1. “-no one can sue to stop someone…”

    Wow, I never thought I’d see those words together in a serious sense ever again. Especially on this site.

  2. No matter how good this might be, it will never be as good as “Pooh Goes Apeshit”.

  3. poor Kermit.

    But the Miss Piggy, lettuce, and tomato sandwich really satisfied his munchies…

    (and she made a really kick-ass guitar case)

  4. Kermit’s a sellout.

    His early, pre-Rainbow Connection stuff was cool, but now he just wants to make money.

    You must all now listen to me talk about how this club sucks lately, while admiring my designer eyeglasses and carefully scuffed leather jacket.

  5. Soon after the death of Jim Henson, Kermit the Frog turned to a life full of drugs, alcohol and sex.

    No, Kermit died with Jim. I’ve said it before, Jim Henson was the greatest entertainment god what ever lived. I actually have less hostility towards this use of Kermit than what the government-sanctioned Muppets have done with him. Even so, I don’t want to see it. I grew up with Kermit. He will always be a kindred spirit. But he’s dead now, and everything being done with him now, is just one form or another of twisted necrophilia.

  6. “No, Kermit died with Jim.”

    So you’re saying that the surgery to remove his hand from Kermit’s ass was unsuccessful?

  7. Jesus, Warren, get a fucking grip. Kermit was a glorified sock puppet.

  8. Kermit’s middle finger smells suspiciously of ham.

  9. Kermit the Frog is Mary Rosh?

  10. The frog-on-pig porn industry owes Henson a debt of gratitude for knocking down those social barriers.

  11. It’s not as bad was what happened to Dr. Teeth and the Electric Mayhem:

  12. Eisner killed Henson with one of those Soviet-era poison needle-in-the-hand handshakes. Bastard.

    Don’t blame Kermit for his decline. He turned to drugs because of his guilt for not turning in Evil Bert.

  13. The day Kermit cried? Oh, I thought it was the day Kermit fried. I thought I could get that with a side of fries.

  14. #6,
    Kermit was a glorious sock puppet.

  15. “I thought it was the day Kermit fried. I thought I could get that with a side of fries.”

    nah – what with trans fat bans and all…

  16. Warren,

    As a fellow lover of Henson, let me say that if you haven’t seen “Muppets From Space,” I think you ought to. It’s the only muppet movie besides the first one that I think is really brilliant.

  17. Damn, this came out nowhere. Three different people pointed this thing out to me just last night, within an hour of each other.

    Such psychic damage.

  18. Kermit is a perfectly cromulent sock puppet.

  19. Actually, Kermit is crapulent.

  20. I think this proves the amazing song writing skills of trent reznor. I have liked this song no matter who preforms it. NIN (who also happen to put on an amazing live show), Johnny Cash, and now kermit. Of course seeing kermit shoot up makes the video awesome!

  21. What’s weird, and a little embarrassing, is that seeing Kermit so trapped in the depths of despair actually kind of tugs at my heartstrings a bit. I grew up with Kermit on the TV every day…it’s a powerful image.

    So far, my absolute favorite touch is the big pile of cocaine on a copy of Dawkins’s The God Delusion. Just…perfect.

  22. I liked Johnny Cash’s cover better, but that was still pretty damn good.

    Next I’d like to hear Big Bird perform “Severance” or “The Ubiquitous Mr. Lovegrove” by Dead Can Dance — can anyone arrange this for me? His voice would be perfect for those. Come to think of it, Kermit would be okay for those too.

  23. Reading this comment threat, I think that maybe marijuana should be banned after all – it’s clearly more dangerous than I thought.

  24. I’ve always been bugged by the “piano part” on Something I Can Never Have. It (and quite a bit of the rest of the song) is a direct rip off of In My Garden by Swans off of Children of God (Which came out 2 years before Pretty Hate Machine). It’s pretty much note for note.

  25. Kermit doing the “less than zero” bit was pretty funny…

    I guess the Red Doggy is not a true friend…

    heh heh

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