A Wrinkle in the War on Video Games


I wonder what Joe Lieberman thinks about this?

Flora Dierbach, 72, chairs the entertainment committee at a sister facility owned by Erickson Retirement Communities in Chicago and helped arrange a Wii bowling tournament—the latest Wii craze.

"It's a very social thing and it's good exercise … and you don't have to throw a 16-pound (7.25-kg) bowling ball to get results," said Dierbach, who added the competition had people who hardly knew each other cheering and hugging in the span of a few hours.

"We just had a ball with it. You think it's your grandkids' game and it's not," she said, noting that Erickson paid for the Wiis in its facilities.

Click through for people who were in their 40s when Pong debuted getting their kicks with the new Nintendo console. Perhaps this doesn't do much for the case of RockStar Games, as Nintendo's always been the most family friendly of the game companies (remember when they edited out the red in Mortal Kombat to make blood look like, at best, sweat and, at worst, something else?), but it's nicely cliche-busting.

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