Cesar Chavez Wants to Kill Your Children!


Georgia Rep. Charlie Norwood died of cancer last month, opening up his safe Republican seat for a special election. And the frontrunner for that seat is… this guy.

In an effort to elevate himself to the national stage, [State Sen. Jim] Whitehead said the nation's dilemma with immigration is more serious than an influx of undocumented workers and a drain on social services. He said Venezuelan President Cesar Chavez is "teaching al-Qaeda and people like that, terrorists, how to come across the border, look like Mexicans, act like Mexicans and understand how to talk in this country. They're coming across just as fast as the Mexicans cross."

So far, there have been no terrorist attacks linked to illegal border crossings. But the United States has ordered National Guard troops to the border and authorized the building of a massive fence.

Terrorists receive training in Venezuela before crossing the border, Sen. Whitehead said. But it's more of an educational system than training camps, which would be targets for military action, he said. He said he would support a pre-emptive strike on Venezuela if facts justify it.

Four years into the Iraq War and Republican candidates are still arguing for preemptive wars against third-worlders who aren't actually attacking us. Fantastic! So how much support will this point of view garner in the primary?

I laughed off the bumbling Hugo Chavez almost a year ago.