These People Are Idiots


So the measure to give House of Representatives voting rights to DC failed. Why, Jim Abrams of the Associated Press?

Legislation to give the District of Columbia voting representation in the House stalled short of passage Thursday when Republicans unexpectedly injected the volatile issue of gun control into the debate.

Apparently fearful they might lose control of the proceedings, Democrats decided to postpone action on the voting rights measure, which had appeared to be moving methodically toward passage.

Republicans protested futilely, seeking a quick vote on their attempt to repeal the capital city's ban on handguns.

To recap—a measure to give D.C. a vote, which opponents claim would violate the Constitution, is killed after Republicans demand that D.C. not violate the Constitution. Says the DCist:

Well, it seems that the Republicans may have played a brilliant game of politics.

Uh, brilliant? Republicans have been on that horse for years and years now. The Democrats just refused to grow up and recognize it.