Lunch: $950, Anonymity: Priceless


It's really too bad that Karl Rove/Dick Cheney/Scooter Libby/Dick Armitage/whoever ruined Valerie Plame's life by destroying her priceless anonymity. Still, there's an upside: Now you can have lunch with Plame and her husband, Ambassador Joe Wilson for the low, low current asking price of $950.00.

The bill of fare:

Includes lunch for two(2) with Valerie Plame Wilson and Joe Wilson and a signed book.

We don't remember who told us, but you'll have lunch with Ambassador Joe Wilson and Valerie Plame at a "safehouse".

Lost in the din of the leak scandal that has consumed Washington is the very personal impact on the willowy blond CIA operative at its center. Plame, 42, wife of former U.S. Ambassador Joseph Wilson, has become the most famous spy in the world, but her career has been derailed. It appears likely she will leave the CIA, some acquaintances say, but she hasn't publicly signaled her plans.

Having lunch with these two fascinating and compelling people will surely be a fantastic experience to remember forever!

Currently, the Wilsons are trumped by breakfast with Alan Greenspan and Andrea Mitchell (going for $26,000.00), but they're actually beating out tea with Madeleine Albright ($650.00) in the auction to support the Robert F. Kennedy Memorial.