Barr v. Bush


Libertarian Party dynamo Bob Barr appeared on CNN to speak sense on the U.S. Attorneys scandal. ThinkProgress has a video and transcript:

I would certainly say, Mr. President, your predecessors in office, your father was under great pressure when I was U.S. Attorney General in Atlanta, Georgia, to take action against me for political reasons. Your father resisted those efforts. President Reagan, your supposed hero, resisted those efforts. Please do something to assure the American public that this is an open process, that it is not run on political considerations where the rubber meets the road and that's with the United States Attorneys across this country. Work with the congress. and let's see if we can work this out. Because there's far more at stake here than either you or the attorney general proving who's the toughest hombre in this dispute.

I chatted with Barr about this last weekend for an article that'll appear before too long.

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