One Billion Dollars! [Insert Dr. Evil Joke Here]


Today's Wall Street Journal dismisses Viacom's $1 billion suit against Google/YouTube. It's inevitable that the YouTube model for customer choice will win out, says Paul Kedrosky, even if Google loses:

That is why, to be blunt, YouTube doesn't matter. Because if Viacom wins this suit and busts YouTube–and there is a very good chance it will win; it is, after all, uncontested that this is Viacom's media property we are talking about–that won't change what consumers want one whit. They are demanding unbundled media, sold everywhere and in myriad assortments. Period. And if Viacom won't provide it then some new media entrepreneurs will.

Is this the beginning of the end for intellectual property? Is that a good thing? Discuss.

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