Two Minutes With Jeff Flake


The audio of my brief, post-press conference chat with Rep. Jeff Flake is here. Caveat: I don't have the hang of elegantly phrasing questions so they sound good on a "podcast." But one day! Check out the 2006 GOP-bashing interview with Flake we refer to right here, and a reference to the GOP conference punishing Flake's apostasy is here.

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  1. C’mon now, Flake is a good looking guy and all, but you can last longer than two minutes can’t you? You are making us all look bad over here.

  2. Baccus,

    The passion was too intense. Any longer would have been superfluous.

  3. Is it just me, or do those two look like they’re stifling the urge to tell McCain to shut the hell up?

  4. So what, Weigel’s a Jeff Flake shill now?

  5. He almost sounds like he’s leaning towards endorsing McCain. That would be a major boom for McCain’s campaign.

    There’s only a handful of libertarians supporting McCain right now — the most vocal being an RLCer from Maryland, former State Delegate.

    Most, like me, are clearly in the Giuliani camp. But I gotta admit, if Flake goes McCain, that will make life pretty interesting for us libertarian Republicans.

  6. Hagel/Flake ’08!

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