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Not a moment too soon, Reason has launched a group at So far 58 people have signed up to participate in the mag's discussion board, learn about upcoming events, and connect with other Reasonoids in their area. Be the 59th!

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  1. participate in the mag’s discussion board, learn about upcoming events, and connect with other Reasonoids in their area….

    Ahh, isn’t that was this place is for?

  2. Ahh, isn’t that was this place is for?

    Arguably, but H&R lacks the ability for members to post pictures of themselves slugging 40s.

  3. Believe me, David, nobody wants to see a picture of TWC, slugging 40s or otherwise.

  4. mmmm mangu-ward has a facebook profile

  5. i’m there after work

  6. Cool. I joined, imported my blog, invited the House Blond to be my friend, looked at everyone’s photo, tested the discussion boards, and now, I gotta get the kids up and kick their butts down to the bus stop.

  7. I’m in there as Bob Dobalena.

  8. I was wondering if someone had ripped off your number 6 idea.

  9. I have resisted from joining any groups on my facebook account… am i really going to have to give that up now that there is actually a group worth joining?

  10. David-Nope. When I tried to register as Number Six, it demanded a “legitimate name.” Bob Dobalena is as legitimate as any name I’ll use on a public site like that.

  11. Not a moment too soon, Reason has launched a group at

    Blocked at work. Oh well.

  12. I’ll register after work. Take a look, see what’s up.

  13. Number 6, it did that to me when I tried to register as The Wine Commonsewer. When I deleted THE and it was just Wine Commonsewer, it worked.

    Ta Dah.

  14. Hi, I’m Hi Number. Glad to meet ya!
    What’s “poke him” mean?

  15. If you poke somebody, they can temporarily view your profile, if they poke you back, you can view theirs. It’s like speed-dating for facebook friends. Yes, I realize just how pathetic I am for knowing that.

  16. It sounds a lot less innocent that it actually is.

  17. Hee hee hee!
    I just poked TWC.

  18. That was kind of a let down.

  19. Most. Disgusting. Headline. Ever.

  20. I just joined. This is the first group I’ve joined since I got on facebook nearly three years ago. Since I checked this morning I am the first and only Red Raider on there.

    Wreck ’em Tech!

  21. by the way I am on there as Thomas Allen from Texas Tech

  22. JP:

    good thing that they changed the name from Bukake Review…

    Tomtom: what do you think of your hoops program?

  23. Highnumber,
    You wasted on a poke on TWC???

    I fulfilled a dream and poked Katherine “Slash” Mangu-Ward, she of the most beautiful eyes.

    I’ve probably violate several anti-stalking laws, so I’ll shit up now before I get hit with a restraining order.

  24. Violated and shut up.

    I’ve thoroughly embarrased myself this time.

  25. You wasted on a poke on TWC???

    My pokes aren’t finite, are they?

    I liked it when you “shitted up.”
    Don’t tell my wife.

  26. Bringin’ you love from GMU.

    I’m rather hoping that Bruce Bartlett’s facebook profile is fake.

  27. highnumber,
    Pokes are unlimited, but indescriminate poking will brand you as easy.

    To paraphrase Rand: Who a person pokes reveals his character.

  28. VM

    Our team is not that great all things considered. We are the only team in the nation to have won three games against top ten teams but, these were all at home and fake rivalry games with large and loud crowds. We are probably going to make the tournament but will lose in the first or second round depending on who we play and our lack of ability to win big games on the road.

    That being said, I love all Texas Tech athletics for the simple fact that we consistently field competitive teams with cast off players that didn’t get offers from the either A&M or UT. Our head coaches are controversial but always exciting and our fans are short on class, but it all adds up to an exciting and rowdy atmosphere for home games.

  29. Good luck in the tourney!

  30. Cool.
    I think I may poke Anastasia Uglova next.

  31. i am, of course, the first person to post the words “o rly?” on the wall.

  32. jp, I agree, that headline is more than just a little bit vaguely obscene.

    That was kind of a let down.

    Been hearin’ that from chicks my whole life. Now I’m hearing it from guys too?

    The real problem with this facebook stuff is that we don’t know these people by their real names. There were only a very few of us like Hi and No that were able to fool the computer into accepting us at face value (pun intended).

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