Weekend Open Thread


Random fodder to get you started:

· TownHall.com is still running Frank Gaffney's column with the fabricated quote from Abraham Lincoln. Gaffney's non-apology here (debunked by Editor & Publisher here ). Also, see a deliciously "could have been from today" quote from a Congressman Lincoln in this Playboy interview with author Kurt Andersen.

· The new skinny on Al Gore's carbon offsets.

· Why February only has 28 days.

· In the NY Times, Ann Althouse is upset about a case where political correctness stifled the open exchange of ideas and academic discourse. Irony here.

· A new poll shows that a majority of Americans favor government-guaranteed health care for everyone.

· Which picture is stranger, this one or this one (yes, that's Lou Ferrigno with Malkin)?

· Strom Thurmond's ancestors owned Al Sharpton's ancestors as slaves.

· Ape foot found.

· Eagles are awesome!