The Secret Ingredient Is… Liberty


For your weekend viewing: Over at, a gaggle of Reasonoids engage in a left-vs.-libertarian cooking competition. Contributing editor Julian Sanchez plays emcee, contributor Megan McArdle cooks a meal, and contributor Will Wilkinson participates in the debate with liberal chef Spencer Ackerman (and liberal co-debater Ezra Klein). Reason associate editors Kerry Howley and I play two of the judges.

See it all here.

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  1. MC. Master of Ceremonies.

    Rhyming optional.

  2. Libertarians love whole foods.

  3. Did anyone hear what was being said?

  4. Reason associate editors Kerry Howley and me play two of the judges.

    So, one judge biased towards libertarians and one towards leftists. Seems fair.

  5. The video didn’t work in Firefox, only IE. I had thought McArdle was a blonde, but I guess that was wrong. Say, has she ever apologized for supporting Bush in 2004?

    If you want to see something equally exciting but much shorter, here’s video of me MountainBiking at 13,000′:

  6. I was going to bike up a mountain, but decided it was much easier to outsource it to a Mexican immigrant.

  7. When do people stop looking like college students?

  8. Reason associate editors Kerry Howley and me play two of the judges.

    Reason associate editors Kerry Howley and I play two of the judges.

  9. I posted this on another blog just last night:

    “both me and my rental car are here in one piece”

    When me came across that, me mused about why literate people are sometimes reluctant to use the nominative case of the first person pronoun as a subject with a conjunction, and — just between you and I — sometimes reluctant to use the objective case as object with a conjunction. These are not necessarily the same people. I hypothesize that in the former case “I” strikes a note of stuffiness to the unconscious editor within, while in the latter “I” seems to err on the side of safety.

  10. I thought *I* was a dork, but the people in that video make me look like The Fonz.

    Just kidding, no offense, please don’t cast me into the outer darkness.

  11. When do people stop looking like college students?

    I would say I suspect it has something to do with the low pay that comes with being a 20-something political writer living in DC, but I’m drawing a comfortable salary and I still look like that in my free time.

  12. THAT… was the coolest thing I ever saw in my life.

  13. Me not understand. Me say “me” all the time, and me not hear anybody complain. Me travelled through time, and Bizarro #1, Tonto and Movie Tarzan all say “me,” too.

    Me tired. Me nap now.

  14. Here in dial-up land, we tend to give online video a pass. Did any of the libertarian chefs prepare their food with proper disdain for the state? Maybe they whipped up some goose liver pate, used raw eggs in a salad, or fired up a barbecue pit in defiance of the likes of the California Coastal Commission or some other regulator?


  15. Life is too short to watch anything on (whats it run an hour?)

    Plus I already got suckered on the damn youtube
    eagle crap.

  16. When Julian Sanchez dies, I think he will become the next Cryptkeeper.

  17. Reason associate editors Kerry Howley and I play two of the judges.

    Who edits the editors?

  18. No one, which is why that one post still says “athiest.” Fix it, Weigel! Fix it now!

  19. Sometimes a baton is just a baton. Or not.

  20. If you ever need a libertarian chef for a competition, well, you have my IP address.


  21. Wow, ya know, I’m just getting to that age where I still expect “grown-ups” with “real” jobs to be older than I, but then when they’re not, I’m surprised. It never occurred to me that Julian might only be 17.

  22. I thought Julian was terrific (where’d he get that walking stick?), course I’m assuming it was done in one take.

    I don’t think there’s anything juvenile about having fun and being semi-talented.

  23. Wait, where are the health-inspector jokes, hilariously linking this thread to the one about rats in NY restaurants?

  24. Oh my, no I don’t mean I thought it was juvenile, I just meant Mr Sanchez is a lot younger than I thought he was.

  25. Anal guy,

    I searched and searched, but I couldn’t find your grammar-themed web site.

  26. Gosh, *I* thought it was juvenile… but sometimes juvenile is fun. And bless you sir: I’m 28 in a week.

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