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"Swiss Accidentally Invade Liechtenstein."

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  1. What began as a routine training exercise almost ended in an embarrassing diplomatic incident after a company of Swiss soldiers got lost at night and marched into neighboring Liechtenstein.

    Get them on the phone with President Bush! They’re hired!

  2. So much for neutrality…

  3. This was no mistake. They had proof that Lichtensteinian watch parts were killing Swiss soldiers.

  4. Lichtenstein has been at war with Switzerland since 1979.

  5. A million bucks says an LT was holding the map.


  7. Thank God we’re still here. It could have been just like Threads.

  8. Doesn’t Lichtenstein still have a monarch with some degree of real power, unlike the ceremonial monarchs in the rest of Europe? Perhaps its time for Switzerland to bring democracy to Lichtenstein.


    Nope, the Swiss could leave with no harm done any time they wanted.

    It’s only a quagmire if you’re sinking.

  10. That’s nothing. I was mowing my lawn and I accidentally mowed Liechtenstein.

  11. In 1983, Saturday Night Live claimed that President Reagan had launched an invasion of Switzerland in response to an American tourist having been shortchanged by a Swiss merchant. Footage of the war zone showed Tim Kazurinsky dressed like Geppetto and saying, “Dey shot my vife and daughter!” SNL interviewed average New Yorkers on the street about the invasion. One said that it was about time we stood up to the communists. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to Google a transcript or video.

  12. What do you expect from soldiers who find it necessary to keep a corkscrew on their knives?

  13. Brian S:

    Couldn’t find it, but here’s the SNL archive site:


  14. In a related note, I can use one of the most obscure pieces of trivia ever. There are only two countries in the world that are “double-landlocked”, which is to say, must transport goods through two different countries in order to reach the ocean.

    One, obviously, is Liechtenstein. Can anyone get the other?

  15. Might it have been this one?


  16. Answer to Andy’s question: Uzbekistan?

    (No way I get that w/o google maps. I would’ve sworn it was an African country.)

  17. GG,


    That is indeed the answer. Sucks to be Uzbekistan. And yes, someone hit us with that at work, we went through Africa, then Latin America. It’s pretty counterintuitive, I think.

  18. That’s probably it, VM. Needle in a haystack.

  19. Brian,

    I’m just impressed you got 1983 cold. That’s a heck of a memory.

  20. Thanks, Andy. I’ve tried for Jeopardy!. When I was 11, my dad let me watch the videotaped SNL from the night before (although I had to leave the room during some of the bluer material).

  21. Thoreau: No, Liechstenstein has always been at war with Andorra. Liechstenstein has always been allied with Switzerland.

  22. jb: if Liechstenstein is an ally of Switzerland, why did Switzerland invade?

  23. Article? What article? Switzerland has always been Liechtenstein’s ally. Didn’t you hear Big Brother say so?

  24. Sucks to be Uzbekistan

    It sucks to be any Stan. Just ask Paki or Afghani.

  25. Doesn’t Lichtenstein still have a monarch with some degree of real power, unlike the ceremonial monarchs in the rest of Europe?

    I think his palace takes up like half the country, so there’s that degree of power.

    I’ve actually been to Lichtenstein. They even stamped my passport since they’re not part of the EU. They have a really cool stamp, I think it’s one of their government’s main objectives, “Awesome Passport Stamp Design”

  26. I’ve been to Liechtenstein, too. Vaduz is pretty. Is that the country where you can rent the Prince’s castle for the weekend for like 20 grand?

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