Praise for Radicals


Oh sure, the Wall Street Journal praise is nice and all, but I think my colleague Brian Doherty ought to put Gene Healy's review of here .

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  1. List of “25 Most Inappropriate Things an Objectivist Can Say During Sex” here.

    26. “First, an introduction by Leonard Peikoff.”

  2. Nice name for an author of an entry in Wall Street Journal: John Fund.

  3. “List of “25 Most Sleep Inducing One-liners here.”


  4. The ten most inappropriate things Hit and Run commenters say when having sex.

    10 Want to do a shot of corn syrup to get in the mood?

    9 Like my place? It’s a great neighborhood; there’s no sex offender registry.

    8 Have you ever been to a “rainbow party”?

    7 Look, I told you I don’t believe in “gun control”.

    6 OK you be the nanny, and I’ll prepare an order of Foie Gras

    5 Try trading your freedom for security now, Bitch!

    4 I should be able to put whatever I want into my own body

    3 I feel very strongly that we should enjoy the free exchange of goods across open borders.

    2 You’re only beautiful by fiat, whereas my wealth is backed by gold

    And the number one most inappropriate things Hit and Run commenters say when having sex:
    1 You know I’d gladly drag my? Hey! Where you going?

  5. When I’ve shared various passages of Radicals for Capitalism with non-libertarians, it has engendered in some of them a real curiosity to further explore libertarianism.

  6. I think that the title shoulda been, simply, “25 Things an Objectivist Can Say During Sex”.

    27. I gonna come qua come!

  7. I can’t think of anything more inappropriate than an objectivest having sex.

  8. it’s good to know I am not the only one having that dream, well in my Rand is just wearing a thong.

    yep, years of therapy ahead.

  9. kcjerith,

    I really like both smart and skinny in girls too, but I have my limits…But wait a minuet!
    Now how old is Rand in those dreams?

  10. Objectivists having sex?!

    Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
    Hold on, Hold on,
    Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
    Wait a minute, I’m gonna catch my breath, Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw! Haw!
    How do you know when you’ve got a hernia?

  11. 28. Let’s deduce exactly how good it was for both of us.

  12. …Shoulds been:” But wait a *minute!*
    Now how old is Rand in those dreams?”

  13. …Shoulda been: “*Shoulda* been”

    Sorry, to make up for it, please enjoy this swell vid: It’s DEVO!

  14. When is the book party?

  15. Thanks, Rick!


    # 69: “is trans fat a good lube?”

  16. ^^^ Wow, a new low in idiocy ^^^.
    And the bar was pretty low to begin with.

  17. Thanks, VM!

  18. I dont know why people smirk at the idea of Oists having sex.

    When something is a value they pursue it greedily.

  19. I dont know why people smirk at the idea of Oists having sex.

    For the same reason college sophomores laugh at Jon Stewart’s monologues?

  20. They’re both funny?

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