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While I was at the Beyond Broadcast conference at MIT last weekend, a gentleman from the BBC interviewed me about the parallels between early radio and the Web. It aired yesterday; if you're curious to hear it, go here. (Note: the link will only be good for a week.)

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  1. I’m curious to read it, but the boss doesn’t likey the videos.

    I can think of one difference: In the radio era, record companies paid lots of cash to programming directors to advertise their songs. In the internet era, record companies paid lots of cash to their lawyers for a failed strategy.

  2. I too am waiting to get home to listen.

    Actually the record companies tried the same failed strategy on radio. The payola came later.

    As for the internet, I recall reading about record companies paying people to log into popular chat rooms and talk up whomever they were pushing. Last I heard it wasn’t working out so well.

    I think we may finally be on our way out of mass culture.

  3. I will definitely take a look at the interview. I really liked the panel discussion you moderated. Thank you for taking the time out to share your point of view.

  4. Ok, I clicked the link a couple of times but didn’t down load Real Player yet. But now when I click the link, the Real Player down load option doesn’t come up. And that’s where, I assume, Jesse’s interview is. Any hints?

  5. When I click the link, I get a page with a cornucopia of Beeb shows. Can you be more specific about who interviewed you and what the topic was? There is a fellow named Mayo who is talking about internet downloading with several guests, for instance, but “Jesse Walker” isn’t in that program’s roster.

    If I can find a relevant search field, I’ll give that a try. But at the moment, I don’t know what to download to get the interview you mentioned.

  6. Ignore the previous comment. My browser didn’t render the relevant part of the page until I went back to it. Now I see a player, so I’ll give that a try.

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