Tomorrow's FCC Dustups, Today!


If the FCC was listening Chris Matthews' appearance on the Don Imus Show and/or MSNBC this morning, there's gonna be a showdown.

And I'm so sick of Southern guys with ranches running this country. I want a guy to run for President who doesn't have a fucking — I'm sorry, a ranch.

Matthews was talking about Rudy Giuliani, as made clear (sort of) by his equally humorous explanation: "A guy who wasn't at the ranch during Katrina, he was on a street corner answering questions." (Which street corner in New Orleans would have been best, you think?) He's complaining about Bush's false air of masculinity, which he's done before, although this is the first time he's inserted the f-bomb. Jacob Sullum reported in December on what happened after Bono used the naughty word.

NEXT: Who Owns Your Body Parts?

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  1. I’m so sick of people who own no property being allowed to vote.

  2. Chris Matthews must be over his man crush on Bush. Back in the “Mission Accomplished” era, Chris had it bad for George.

  3. Chris Matthews spent the entire 2000 campaign talking about how Bush’s “ranch” made him a regular guy, and then repeated the act throughout 2004.

    He’s a weathervane in the shape of of a man.

  4. Yesterday was the post about Spitzer being quoted in a Reuters article with “fucking” in it too. No [expletive deleted], no asterisks, the just used “fucking.”

    This is where the slippery slope of Dennis Franz’ flabby ass leads to.

  5. Q: How does 1600 acres of Texas brushland with no horses or cattle get called a ranch?

    A: There’s nothing that George Bush won’t lie about.


    I hope no children were listening to that naughty, naughty word. It’s like the uncertainty before the first nuclear trials: it *might* cause the atmosphere of the world to ignite! You just never know!

  7. I can’t help liking Matthews a tiny bit more because of this. He did have perhaps the most embarrasing mancrush on Bush in the whole MSM. (Other than professional bunbuddies like Fred Barnes, Hannity, etc.)

  8. Doesn’t Imus himself have a ranch? I’m pretty sure he does. SO many of these guys own “ranches” because of the fabulous tax deduction they get from them, as opposed to having thousand acre “estates”

    Don’t worry about children hearing that word, I’m pretty sure nobody under 50 listens to Imus.

  9. “Which street corner in New Orleans would have been best, you think?”

    For any politician, preferably one in the lower ninth ward. Just after the dike broke.

  10. It didn’t go out over the radio and cable MSNBC isn’t regulated by the FCC.

    No harm, no foul.

  11. Abolish the FCC! Or at least its power to censor.

  12. Chris Matthews is a schmuck

  13. As the FCC would tell you, per relevant obscenity law, the correct phrasing to avoid giving the wrong idea to kids is:

    “I want a guy to run for President who doesn’t have a ranch engaging in sexual or excretory acts or functions.”

  14. He wants a “guy.” Sorry, Hillary!

  15. You guys that think Matthews had a man crush on W are deranged. Excuse me, I meant fucking deranged.

  16. No, it was a full-blown man crush. You must have missed the segment with Chris and G. Gordon Liddy discussing how much women must admire W’s large package in the flight suit on “Mission Accomplished” Day. Chris thought the whole day was very manly.

  17. There is an Imus Ranch. Don uses it as a charity summer camp for kids from families hit by SIDS.

    I don’t listen to Imus, but he was introduced to New York radio when I was a high schooler living within the range of WNBC’s* signal. I always enjoyed his pre-politics comedy schtick. Put your hand on the radio!

    Matthews is another case. Railing about the “mainstream media” gets tired, but why is it that dangerously partisan Fox News replaced Republican spinner Tony Snow with an actual reporter, Chris Wallace, as host of their Sunday morning interview show, while NBC’s Meet The Press has ex-Moynihan staffer Tim Russert, ABC has ex-Clinton hack George Stephanopoulos, and Matthews has worked for Carter and Tip O’Neill, among other Dems? Curious. It makes one think kindly of CBS’ Bob Schiefer, even if nobody watches Face The Nation.


    *now the all-sports-except-for-Imus WFAN.

  18. I was waiting for someone to complain about Prince. That was totally intentional, are you kidding me? But so fucking what? Oops, I suppose I better watch out for the FCC.

    Fuckers. 🙂

  19. Madpad:

    From what I understand, the “Chicken Ranch” in Nevada doesn’t have livestock, either.

    Maybe in order to earn the “ranch” lable, Bush should have some broads prancing around (ones with tatoos on their lower backs).

    Hey, it worked for the Kennedys.

  20. How does 1600 acres of Texas brushland with no horses or cattle get called a ranch?

    There’s little if any profit in raising horses or cattle in Texas. Most Texas ranches today make much more money off of hunting, both native and exotic game. Many also feature dude ranch facilities, youth education opportunities, tourism, etc. Cattle herds are for “Trail Ride” programs. They’re diversified.

    YO Ranch:
    King Ranch:

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