Tomorrow's FCC Dustups, Today!


If the FCC was listening Chris Matthews' appearance on the Don Imus Show and/or MSNBC this morning, there's gonna be a showdown.

And I'm so sick of Southern guys with ranches running this country. I want a guy to run for President who doesn't have a fucking — I'm sorry, a ranch.

Matthews was talking about Rudy Giuliani, as made clear (sort of) by his equally humorous explanation: "A guy who wasn't at the ranch during Katrina, he was on a street corner answering questions." (Which street corner in New Orleans would have been best, you think?) He's complaining about Bush's false air of masculinity, which he's done before, although this is the first time he's inserted the f-bomb. Jacob Sullum reported in December on what happened after Bono used the naughty word.