I Know a Guy Who's Tough But Sweet/ He's So Fine, He Can't Be Beat


Nick Gillespie already took this year's lame Superbowl ads to the woodshed, but Americablog's John in DC noticed that the "gay mechanics" ad for Snickers was part of a much larger promotion that went to a pretty ugly place. In the ad that aired, two mechanics eat the same Snickers bar and accidentally lock lips. They try to erase the shame by doing "manly things" like rip their shirts off. Here were three alternate ads that Mars filmed and put on a promotional site:

Ad 2 (Ad 1 is the original ad that aired): "Love Boat." After the guys kiss, a third guy walks up, effeminately brushes his hair out of his eyes, and says, "Is there room for three on this Love Boat?" as if he's gay.

Ad 3: "Motor Oil." After the guys kiss, they say "I think we just accidentally kissed—quick, do something manly," and proceed to drink motor oil and I think anti-freeze—they guzzle it down, screaming at the top of their lungs, making them sick to their stomachs.

Ad 4: "Wrench" (these are the actual names Snickers gave the ads). The two guys accidentally kiss, they say to each other again "quick, do something manly," and one guy proceeds to pick up a huge oversized wrench and violently attack the other guy, while the second takes the first and throws him under the hood of the car, slamming it down on his head.

I suppose Mars could have argued that attempting murder or chemical suicide are, indeed, "manly" actions. Instead, they've yanked the ads and their special site.