Was It Just Me or Did the Super Bowl Ads This Year Really Suck?


Or maybe they just always did but the world was less interesting back then so we didn't notice as much?

Check out many of the SB ads here.

Check out a list of "classic" SB ads here.

My personal least favorite from this year's game (and it took some real effort to top the dental-drill-equivalent Go Daddy and Career Builder ads) was GM's "We're Obsessed with Quality," in which a robot assembler dreams of being fired after dropping a screw or something (to the strains of "All By Myself," naturally). The spot is supposed to tout GM's new 100,000 mile warranty (something that what, Kia, pushed five years ago?). But what it–and virtually every ad for every GM product–does is underscore what a crap factory GM is.

The robot ad is below (and I look forward to an anti-immigrant version in which the American robot loses a job to a Mexican robot who will work longer hours for less pay), so check it out.

In other news, Ford sales in January tanked badly enough that Daimler-Chrylser came in the number three slot. And GM dropped too, bringing us closer to the moment when Toyota becomes the top-selling U.S. car company.