The Fountainhead of the Revolution


Roderick Long digs up a funny quote from a notorious New Left bomb-planter, Jane Alpert:

Although I rejected Rand's right-wing economics and political philosophy by the time I was fifteen, certain elements of the novels, which had more to do with psychology than with social ideology, stayed with me for many years. The Fountainhead had planted in me the idea that bombing a building could be a morally legitimate form of protest.

More quotes from famous Fountainhead fans here, including Nora "You've Got Mail" Ephron's declaration that after reading the book "I spent the next year hoping I would meet a gaunt, orange-haired architect who would rape me. Or failing that, an architect who would rape me. Or failing that, an architect. I am certain that The Fountainhead did a great deal more for architects than Architectural Forum ever dreamed."

I've never read the thing myself, which could explain why I've never planted a bomb or been violated by anyone in the building trades, though I suspect other forces might be at work as well.