You Know What This Racist Party Needs? Photographic Evidence on the Internet!


There was a brief, silly controversy at my alma mater one year when the cafeteria menu for Martin Luther King Day included fried chicken. It wasn't quite as controversial as this:

Authorities at Tarleton State University said they plan to investigate a Martin Luther King Jr. Day party that mocked black stereotypes by featuring fried chicken, malt liquor and faux gang apparel.

Photographs posted on social networking Web site showed partygoers wearing Afro wigs and fake gold and silver teeth. One photo showed students "mocking how African-Americans do step shows," Elder said. In another picture, a student is dressed as Aunt Jemima and carries a gun.

"That upsets me," Elder said. "That's someone who knows nothing about Dr. King, because Dr. King was totally about nonviolence."

The school responded with—what else?—a huge forum about diversity and "bridging a divide between black and white students."

Elder said he sensed a racial divide at the forum, with black students sitting on one side of the room and whites on the other.

In other words, just like every other event on any campus. They probably missed an opportunity by not scheduling a massive Ms. Peachez concert.