Journeys with Ted


This Thursday, HBO will premiere the latest documentary by Alexandra Pelosi, daughter of Nancy and director of Journeys with George. Titled Friends of God, it's about the evangelical subculture; according to The New York Times, it "includes a drive-through church, a Christian wrestling federation, a stand-up Christian comic, an evangelical Elvis and a biblical miniature golf course complete with the empty tomb of Jesus." Oh, and the chief voice of the Christians is the Rev. Ted Haggard, who after shooting had wrapped went on to star in a meth-and-sodomy scandal.

Sounds like an hour of blue-state mockery? Don't worry. If the Times piece is any guide, it'll be an hour of blue-state condescension instead:

"I believe in the culture war," [Pelosi] said. "And you know what? If I have to take a side in the culture war I'll take their side," meaning the Christian conservatives. "Because if you give me the choice of Paris Hilton or Jesus, I'll take Jesus."

Well gee, when you put it that way, I guess I'll have to agree. On the other hand, if you give me the choice of Benjamin Franklin or Fred Phelps, I'd have to take Franklin. If you give me a choice of Solzhenitsyn or Stalin, I'm gonna go with Solzhenitsyn; but if it's Pat Robertson or Picasso, I'll pick Picasso. Boy, I could play this game all day!

Best of all: If it's Mahalia Jackson or the Velvet Underground, I'll take both and let you keep Alexandra Pelosi.