More Polldancing


The second-most interesting poll of the day, after the one Brian links, is the "straw poll" up at Pajamas Media. Note that it includes South Carolina Gov. Mark Sanford, who is not running, and excludes Rep. Ron Paul, who is. Not that there are any libertarians who read blogs or anything.

If someone wants to prove that PJM isn't some elaborate Bialystock-and-Bloom scam, please, go to it.

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  1. “excluses”?

  2. Thank you.

  3. I posted a comment about not having Rep. Paul on there, I’m sure it won’t get put up. But it’s worth a try

  4. If someone wants to prove that PJM isn’t some elaborate Bialystock-and-Bloom scam, please, go to it.

    How did Adolf Hitler do in the poll?

  5. Too bad we can’t write-in our selection.

  6. This will be very distorted just by letting you, even urging you strongly, to vote for one of each. When I look at their list of candidates, there are almost none, in either party, I can stand to think of as Pres., let alone actually vote for. My guess, though, is that most people will pick the person they find least offensive on the other side. The result? Complete distortion of who the parties actually favor.

  7. I call shenanigans. Dennis Kucinich is polling third? With 14%? In his dreams, maybe…

  8. I noticed that over at politics1, the poll also excludes Dr. Paul.

  9. David,

    It hasn’t even been a year since your last Max Bialystock reference, but I still love it.

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