Friday Funnies: Now with Racism!


From Chris Sims' invaluable Invincible Super-Blog comes the single greatest comic book story of the 1970s. It's the ninth issue of Luke Cage, Hero for Hire (currently in print thanks to Marvel's "Essential" series). Cage (the namesake of actor Nicholas Cage, who was born "Nicholas Coppola"), gets into a bit of a pickle with Dr. Doom.

In the previous issue, Luke had been hired by a shady character to take down a few guys who stole his boss's "company secrets," and as these things so often do, they naturally turned out to be robots created by Dr. Doom who escaped to America after fleeing his decidedly nonrobocentric regime. So why bother with getting Luke Cage for the job? Well, according to von Doom, the robots have disguised themselves as black men, none of whom live in Latveria, and therefore he–and I quote–"needed a black, and I needed to hire him. Enter: Luke Cage."

Sims' blog contains the summary of the story and some choice experts. Bookmark it when you're done if you're a comic fan with a sense of humor.

(Hat tip: Josh Elder.)