Vegas Meets Nip/Tuck—Not Surprisingly, Critics Boo!


Europa International is offering free plastic surgery in Prague to winners of a lottery it is running. Naturally some people object. For instance, Douglas McGeorge, president of the British Association of Aesthetic Plastic Surgeons, tells the BBC, "I am appalled at this new scheme but unfortunately not surprised. Companies are plumbing new depths to take advantage of a growing interest in plastic surgery."

Are the winners adults? If yes, then what's the problem? Is the product being offered fraudulent? If not, again, no problem. Human beings have been trying to enhance their looks since the first caveman smeared some soot on his face to strive for that tall dark and handsome look in formal bearskins. By the way, most plastic surgery patients report being satisfied with their results.

In world in which Nick/Tuck is in its fourth season and women on The Swan have their bodies dramatically reshaped in front of a TV audience of millions, a little promotional gambling for a plastic surgery gift certificate is pretty tame stuff. Is BAAPS against this lottery because of concerns about the patients or because its members fear the loss of business as more Brits hop flights to Prague to indulge in some inexpensive body-sculpting tourism?

For an extended presentation on the ethics of voluntarily transforming our bodies, see transhumanist Anders Sandberg's interesting, "Morphological Freedom: Why we not just want it, but Need it. "

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  1. In world in which Nick and Tuck is in its fourth season

    Umm, Ron, that would be Nip/Tuck as in shorthand for plastic surgery.

  2. I’m not really sure you could characterize Nip/Tuck as a positive endorsement of cosmetic surgery.

  3. Nip/Tuck it is and, no it’s not an endorsement. Just pointing out how pervasive the idea of plastic surgery is nowadays. Besides Nip/Tuck is something of a warning to people who are considering it, yes?

  4. Besides Nip/Tuck is something of a warning to people who are considering it, yes?

    Nip/Tuck is something that my wife and I watch so we can say “Man, remember how good it used to be?”

  5. Ron,

    Tell me what you don’t like about yourself.

    BTW, you should’ve included Dr. 90210. I love Dr. Rey; he’s the happiest, shiniest maudlin guy in the world.

  6. If they really wanted to make things interesting, they could have a “lottery” wherein the patients blindly consent to a randomly selected procedure. I think donkey ears would be a good place to start.

  7. I think if you checked, you would find that many people that use plastic surgery need psychological help. They use plastic surgery to try to “fill the void” from their psychological hang-ups.

    And of course the doctors want em to feel bad about their bodies so the doctors can make money.

    I’m not saying people shouldn’t be able to have plastic surgery. I’m just saying people should try to fix their brains before they start trying to fix their bodies.

  8. Sadly and predictably we can see where McGeorge can lead us. They won’t outlaw plastic surgery outright – much too open to criticism – but instead opt for the usual nanny-state alternative – banning of advertisements for plastic surgery/botox/personal enhancements.

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