Shameless Health Care Wonkery


If you read only one random essay on health care policy esoterica by a cantankerous wonk today, make it Clark C. Havighurst's response in the latest Cato Unbound forum. Havighurst, who is capable of writing sentences like "the true vices of the tax subsidy are three," nonetheless lays out the awe-inspiring dysfunction of the current insurance system in nine short paragraphs. Sparring partners Jonathan Cohn (of The New Republic) and Arnold Kling (of Cato) are worth a read as well.

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  1. I read it and I like Havighurst’s writing style. I also found it appropriate that the article was displayed in what looked like 6 point font, which seems appropriate for the subject matter.

  2. Kerry Howley went to the trouble of posting this wonky story. I think it is the least you guys can do to at least read it and comment about it.

  3. I think Havighurst writes in such a way as to make people give up on reading him.

    That said, I agree with him all the way.

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