Light the Cigarette of Freedom


"When many of these veterans went to war, the government threw cigarettes at them, and now they are 80 years old, and the government is telling them that they can't smoke in their private club," said Seagraves, who is also a member of the advisory committee. "The government made smokers out of them. … Those guys fought for that freedom."

The sense of outrage comes through loud and clear but I really don't understand what that last sentence means.

The speaker is William Seagraves, Ohio state commander of the Veterans of Foreign Wars, dissing the Buckeye State's smoking ban, which may or may not cover private clubs such as VFW halls. Ohio voters handily passed the butt ban, which technically went into effect on December 7 but cannot be enforced until the state health department comes up with actual rules to govern the policy.

Full account of the brewing brouhaha here.