Halp Us Jorge Bush, We R Stuck Hear In Irak


It's not as giggle-inducing as "Halp Us John Cary," but the American Prospect has the text of a letter to a division of the Minnesota National Guard that's part of the surge. (The "Halp Us John Cary" guys were Minnesotans, too.)

The President has given his message and the troops currently in Iraq are being extended. This includes 1st BCT! Is this a raw deal? Of course! We have every right to be angry, but the reality is that the long awaited homecoming will be pushed back.

I am so proud of our soldiers and airment [sic] and their families. We owe all of you so much and will do our utmost to help you through this change and disappointment.

You know what I get out of this? I get a lot of excitement about the coming war in Iran.