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A new digg-style site for posting and rating stories from around the web, aimed specifically at libertarians, is up in beta form, called LibertyLoop. It's designed by Third Party Watch man Austin Cassidy. By its nature it will get more useful the more it is used, but it already looks like a valuable aggregation site for the libertarian-minded.

[Link via Rational Review.]

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  1. I agree. Webmaster should add that site to the “Send this article to:” links.

  2. Which one of the “Send this article to” links is this? Or do we need to wait for your web folk to wake, some time after Mr. Weigel, for it to be added?

  3. ok, what exactly is a digg-style site? How does it work?

  4. ok, what exactly is a digg-style site? How does it work?

    Go to digg.com and you will see. Look it up on wikipedia.org to see how it works

  5. Interesting! I hope it takes off, but not too much. Digg got messier and messier as it got more popular, with loads of incoherent, fanboy crap gerrymandered to make it to the front page by cabals of hardcore users who just liked to game the system. But that probably has more to do with the demographic that’s attracted to Digg than the design of the system itself, so with any luck LibertyLoop won’t suffer the same fate.

  6. See, trolls? Now THAT’S how you build a REAL echo chamber. Not this pissant wanna-be tripe we have here at Reason.

    Have at it.

  7. You mean Liberal tarian site. Yeah, once a democrat is in the white house lets see how anti-big gornment these people are? Just what we need another partisan liberal website.

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