Genetically Modified Food Has a Low IQ


So says "Australia's largest and finest holistic print magazine" Living Now. To wit:

Food contains intelligence. A food's intelligence can be loosely translated as nutritional value although it also includes the quality, freshness and degree of life of the food…Food that is old, processed, microwaved and genetically engineered is low in the intelligence….

In fact, current genetically modified crops are "substantially equivalent " to conventional varieties. Of course, researchers are hard at work developing new crop varieties that offer improved nutrition, such as, soybeans with healthy omega-3 fatty acids. Since these crops will differ from conventional varieties regulators will require that they be labeled. Producers will be more than happy to label them even without regulatory intervention because they believe that consumers will want to buy their products for their improved nutrition.

My question to Living Now: Does this mean that crops genetically enhanced for better nutrition will have a higher IQ than conventional and organic crops? 

Kudos to C.S. Prakash for the link.