That "Macho Democrat" Thing


Former congressional candidate Paul Hackett, whose near-miss loss in a safe GOP seat hinted at the Democratic wave to come, is under investigation for chasing down men who crashed a car into his property.

The incident happened around 4:30 a.m. Nov. 19. Police were called to Hackett's Indian Hill house after Fee failed to make a curve and ran into a fence at the home on Given Road, according to the police report.

When [Ranger Paul] White arrived at the house, Hackett's wife, Suzi, told him that her husband had called her to say he had stopped the men on Keller Road.

White called for backup. He arrived at a driveway in the 8700 block of Keller Road to find the three men lying face down near their small, black car and Hackett's pickup truck. With a flashlight, White saw a strap on Hackett's right shoulder and "what appeared to be an assault rifle hanging along his right side," White's report said.

White told Hackett to put away the rifle and "not take things into his own hands."

This is the most interesting part, or at least the part most open to interpretation:

"He told the boys to 'Get the —- out of the car and get on the ground.' … He said he did not touch the vehicle with the rifle and maintained his distance. 'I knew they saw I was armed,' he said. He said he had done this about 200 times in Iraq, but this time there was not a translation problem," the Indian Hill police report said.

Macho Democrat explanation here.