Don't Speak/ I Know What You're Thinking/ I Don't Need Your Reasons


You can skip that presidential speech tonight, everybody: The surge is a go.

ABC News has learned that the "surge" Bush is expected to announce in a prime time speech tonight has already begun. Ninety advance troops from the 82nd Airborne Division arrived in Baghdad today.

An additional battalion of roughly 100 troops from the same division are expected to arrive in Baghdad Thursday.

It is the first small wave of troops in a new White House strategy that is expected to put more than 20,000 additional U.S. troops on the ground in Iraq and likely require new call-ups of the National Guard.

And the zombie National Guard! Don't forget the zombie National Guard!

Meanwhile, Brendan Miniter of the Wall Street Journal travels to Texas (mentally, at least) and discovers doom and gloom about the conservative project and the war.

Tonight President Bush will attempt to avoid LBJ's fate by presenting a new strategy for winning the war in Iraq.

Because LBJ never tried anything like this.