Operation George Romero


Oh, so this is how we're going to surge troops into Iraq.

The Army said on Friday that it will apologize to the families of deceased and wounded officers that it mistakenly encouraged to re-enlist via letters sent out in late December.

About 75 families of deceased officers and 200 families of wounded officers received such letters sent to more than 5,100 officers between December 26 and 28, the Army said in a statement.

Yes, they received them in the days after Christmas. This is seriously heinous for the families of these soldiers, but it should be emblematic of how twisted our Iraq debate has become. Just a couple of weeks ago I heard Wall Street Journal editorial board member and multiple Purple Heart winner (we've got to assume, right?) Robert Pollock assuring that a troop surge would be easy because all it "means is decreasing the length of some breaks from tours of duty and increasing the lengths of some tours of duty." But it's not that easy to turn a volunteer military into an occupying army on the sly.