Don't Be Stupid, Be A Smarty! Come and Join the Lieberman Party!


While Sen. Joe Lieberman was traipsing around Iraq and spooning John McCain, a Connecticut college professor was engineering a takeover of Lieberman's third party—a takeover that has officially succeeded.

Secretary of the State Susan Bysiewicz has recognized Fairfield University professor John Orman's takeover of the Connecticut for Lieberman Party and its bylaws limiting membership to critics of the senator and anyone named Lieberman.

"If someone wanted to challenge it, they'd have to go to court," said Ted Bromley, a state elections attorney for Bysiewicz's office.

Guys, you're dealing with Joe Lieberman. Expect lots of whining about "partisanship" and exactly zero action.

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  1. Why the Lieberman fetish on this site? There are 99 other senators. Well, 98 1/2.
    The Lieberman fixation is truly bizarre. And not very entertaining.
    Like a Saturday Night Live skit that goes on too long.

  2. Why the Lieberman fetish on this site? There are 99 other senators. Well, 98 1/2.

    Don’t worry – tomorrow we’re kicking off the Sen. Jim Webb Post of the Day!

  3. Lieberman is loony, a train wreck and easy to make fun of, that’s why Reason’s got a fetish for him. Like Pat Robertson, Virgil Goode, and Bush.

  4. Sen. Lieberman is the walking definition of lugubrious.

  5. Is the Scorched Earth Party moving to Connecticut too or is the interstate-rest-stop-novelty-shop feel just applicable to both independantly?

  6. Wait, one person can take over a party in Connecticut?

    Jennifer, here’s your chance to mold the LP in your own image.

    Or, if that fails, engineer another coup in the Connecticut for Lieberman Party.

  7. Lieberman means a less powerful democratic party which means more gridlock in congress. I prefer lots of whining about partisanship and zero action to lots of whining about partisanship and compromise bills which do nothing of value and only give both sides more power.

  8. Here’s my personal take on it: Lieberman is shit at exactly the things (most particularly, certain dimensions of the civil liberties issue) that the left could theoretically be good for. He’s not the worst or most malign force in Congress, but he’s personally irksome and makes himself an easy target, so he catches a lot more flak than many of his colleagues.

  9. I think a lot of us under 40 hate Lieberman because he is a walking symbol of everything we despise about the baby boomers – he is sanctimonious, full of self-entitlement and whiny to boot. He is a sanctimonious conservative on issues most under 40s are liberal on (sex, drugs, rock & roll, the war in Iraq), and a self-important liberal on issues where most under 40s are conservative – (unions,social security) I just find him awful in about every respect. If Lieberman ever bred with that other paragon of self-satisfied faux centrist boomerism Cokie Roberts then God save the Republic.

  10. Just wait til Lyndon LaRouche takes over the Liebermanian Party. He will kick ass.

  11. everything we despise about the baby boomers

    “We”? You have a turtle in your pocket, vanya?
    If you can “despise” a whole generation of Americans and lump them all together into a sweeping generalization, then I’d say you have bigger problems than Lieberman.

  12. colon hyphen,

    If you read what Vanya said, he said he despises that ABOUT baby boomers, not despises them FOR that. And he’s pretty careful by saying “many” and “most”, not all. But way to attack w/o addressing the subject.

    No ya ne znayu pochemu u ivana russkiy imeyl. U vas beybi-bumeri tam?

  13. Way to equivocate, Some James. Hate the sin and not the sinner, eh? Nice try.

  14. Way to equivocate, Some James. Hate the sin and not the sinner, eh? Nice try.

    *looks at Vanya’s post*

    I agree. Circle gets a square. Now move along, you’re going to be late for your Viagara / Xanax / Propecia pickup.

  15. For this 39 year old gen X-er, Vanya hit the nail right on the head. Those are exactly the reasons I find Lieberman worse than useless. Thanks Vanya!

  16. I am under 40 and I hereby authorize vanya to speak on my behalf with regard to opinions, expressed or implied, about baby boomers in general.

  17. Lieberman certainly does epitomize the extreme negative stereotype of a baby boomer. Or does Althouse?

    Both do! 🙂

    “baby boomer” looks cool in whatever case that is in Russian!

    TPG: are you suggesting that Lieberman will one day be the “Joe Lieberman to block”? Sort of the Charles Nelson Reilley of the Senate?

  18. McCain and Lieberman have a great deal in common. They both fuse liberal and conservative issues into a single unattractive package that features the worst of each. But at least Lieberman didn’t sponsor the McCain-Feingold Shut The People Up Act.

  19. “”baby boomer” looks cool in whatever case that is in Russian!”

    That was my stab at nominative plural. ?????-?????? is how I’d type it if I’d’ve thought to switch to Russian font.

  20. I love it!

    Let the far left continue to do outrageous non-sensical BS, and let them continue to be known for their outrageuos and non-sensical BS.

  21. “We”? You have a turtle in your pocket, vanya?
    If i had a turtle in my pocket, I’d name it Joe Lieberman and toss it in my wood chipper. These pro-war democrats are good for exactly nothing.

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