Imagine There's No Camembert/ I Wonder If You Can


Britain's stilton manufacturers are about to lose out on the budding legions of preteen cheesemongers, thanks to a government ban.

The Food Standards Agency assessed the levels in 100g or 100ml serving of food or drink.

But the British Cheese Board said the typical portion size of cheese was 30 to 40g. Most cheese would be exempt from the ban if a typical sized portion was used.

Instead it has been branded more unhealthy than sugary cereals, full fat crisps and cheeseburgers.

Ofcom will now ban adverts of cheese during kids' TV programmes, or shows with a large proportion of child viewers.

It seems like only two months ago that Ofcom (the UK's FCC) was banning advertisements for "junk food"… because it was two months ago. At this rate, expect a ban on advertising that shows people sitting down and not exercising by July or August.