Phill's LLast Hurrah


Kansas' rabid anti-abortion attorney general Phill "God meant for me to have two Ls" Kline—last seen by Jacob Sullum taking a sweet consolation prize after voters ousted him—is making one last, futile attack against the state's most controversial abortionist. A final "surge" of lawsuits, if you will.

Kansas' attorney general, a vocal abortion opponent, has filed criminal charges against Wichita abortion provider George Tiller, the doctor's attorney said Friday.

Tiller's clinic, known for being one of the few in the country to do late-term procedures, has been a high-profile target of anti-abortion protesters for decades. The clinic was bombed in 1985, and Tiller was shot in both arms by a protester in 1993.

Kline, who lost his re-election bid in November and leaves office in three weeks, has been investigating whether Tiller and other abortion providers performed illegal late-term abortions in Kansas or failed to report suspected child abuse as required by law.

Laugh if you want. In a few years, we'll all be begging for representation from Nifong Kline LP.