Friday Fun Links: A Six Pack


If you ever wondered what a real War on Christmas would look like, Hadrian Belove has raided the Hollywood vaults and spliced together an answer.

If you're more of a "Happy Holidays" kind of guy, go here instead: It's the Kinks at their jazziest, singing their song "Holiday." Bonus: The same clip includes a great take on "Good Golly, Miss Molly."

More Kinks: one of the few anti-union songs in rock history.

More music history: what country stars do in lieu of burning a draft card.

Still more musical fun: Rob Paravonian's Pachelbel rant. (But why did he leave out "Let it Be Me"?)

I promised six links, didn't I? OK…here's Sam and Dave.

It's the last workday before Christmas, we aren't through with Chanukah yet, and it's my mom's birthday. Even if all you're celebrating is a little time away from the job, have fun.